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  • Education – The Key to Investment Success

    Posted by Thomas Atkinson

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    FX Evolution co-founder Tyrone Abela’s contributes a fortnightly column in the Surf Coast Times called ‘The Beachside Trader’ and this week’s topic is ‘Education – The Key to Investment Success’.

    Education has emerged as a necessity when we are investing our hard-earned cash in the financial markets.
    The purpose of our education programs is to teach people about how the financial markets work to both better inform them when dealing with investment advisers and institutions, and to invest for themselves as “day traders”.
    Since inception, more than 6000 people have either undertaken FX Evolution courses via online tutorials or by one-on-one mentoring at our Melbourne and Ocean Grove offices to prepare them in self-directed investment.
    The advent of new technology and user-friendly trading platforms has brought significant change to the investment space, and there has never been an easier time for individuals to create tailored investment strategies and manage their own portfolios.
    The first step is to see if self-directed investment is right for you and understand the amount of work required to identify quality trading opportunities.
    One of the biggest pitfalls for individuals starting out their trading journey is believing the hype that fortunes can be made with only a small initial investment. The truth is that extraordinary returns can be achieved, but not without taking extraordinary risks to achieve them. This style of trading can not only put your entire account in jeopardy but is also not a sustainable model long-term.
    The basis of FX Evolution’s financial education is to tailor its teaching to each individual’s investment knowledge and their needs. Strategies are taught to allow the investor to “roll’’ in and out of the market to make profit. These strategies are anchored in detailed knowledge of how the markets and how particular market sectors perform over time.
    Those most likely to succeed are the individuals who set realistic goals relative to their trading capital, as this is what allows a trader to use correct risk management techniques to execute trades.
    Time is needed too. While professional traders might spend only small amounts of time in front of the charts, beginners need to put in time and treat self-directed market investment as their own small business. This requires discipline and not emotion to drive their strategy.

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