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    Posted by Thomas Atkinson

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    After training hundreds of students over the last few years, one of the biggest problems most seem to run into is having a trade plan that they can stick to.  Many try but for some reason or another deviate away from following it through which generally has disastrous consequences on their trading account and confidence.

    We developed the PRECIC trade planning system initially to help train our traders to follow our methods of trading in their early days to ensure they are completing the correct market analysis for every trade they place as we would.

    Most recently we adapted the PRECIC trade planning system to an online portal and built in our algorithm for not only determining if a trade has a sound foundation to have a reasonable amount of success, but also to rate the chances of success based on the information provided.

    This cutting-edge technology effectively forces the user to check many components of the trade they are looking at placing to determine if it is a viable option.  The algorithm bases its calculations on the trend strength of the particular pair or instrument being traded and analyses the trades’ potential based on its direction and many variables including chart and candle patterns, indicator confirmation, support and resistance, charting techniques and risk to reward ratios.

    The end result is a star rating out of 5 which effectively factors in every important component a trader needs to look for when carrying out their technical analysis in all of the important timeframes.  The end report is then emailed to the trader with the total score which can be kept on file for future reference.  Just click on the link to see the PRECIC trade planning system in action.

    The PRECIC system is one of the most market adaptive and useful tools available and is free to all of our Foundations and Advanced Trends subscribers.

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