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The Ultimate Trading Masterclass

The FX Evolution Ultimate Trading Master Class is the culmination of our technical analysis courses that combine to give you a complete roadmap to technical analysis trading at a professional standard. Suitable for beginners to advanced traders!

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Options Trading Masterclass

Have you ever wondered ‘if only I could generate income all year round, no matter what the market is doing’, or ‘how can I ever be a full-time trader if I can’t make money in markets that aren’t rising’. The Options Trading Masterclass could be for YOU!

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Day Trading MasterClass

The Day Trading MasterClass teaches traders the cutting edge techniques to navigate and profit from highly lucrative and popular scalping methods.  Ever wondered what its like to be a Day Trader, then the Advanced Scalping Masterclass could be for YOU!

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Private Small Group Mentoring

The FX Evolution private group mentoring is designed to take aspiring traders and investors to the next level with an 8 week 12-hour action-packed small group experience that is designed to share all our knowledge with you.

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Private Trading Group

Our highly acclaimed private trading community is fast becoming a must-have in every trader’s toolbox with relevant and timely content added daily. What sets this community apart from others is the level of experience the general users have as traders.

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PRECIC Scalper - Free Class

This course gives traders unlimited use of the PRECIC Trade Planning System to evaluate the strength of their trades and to make sure they are covering the key components of the trade planning process.  Traders who use PRECIC simply place higher quality trades!

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